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Drawn on the morning commute…

Doodle in the AM.

Zoot Suite Woman: “Lonely by Your Side.”

'These words overdue, won't stop me from losing you… and it's lonely, lonely, lonely by your side.'

iPod + Moleskine on the daily commute. Drawn while listening to “Playgirl” by Ladytron.

Sketches and doodles; inspiration via music. Thanks, Miami Horror!

Note to self: abide by these words. Thanks, Sia.

"La Chilindrina" · Liquid Acrylic on Moleskine [8/12/11]

I bought a set of liquid acrylics and pen nibs not too long ago. I should start using these more often =)

"Charalumps" · July 25th, 2011, Ink on Moleskine

Inspired by a dear friend of mine. I’ve been finding inspiration: drawing, sketching and designing my own works recently. Hopefully the trend will continue for a while.

I think I need a new sharpie.